Account Service

We take pride on the level of knowledge and service we provide to our clients.

Certificates of Insurance: We understand the importance of receiving certificates of insurance.  We provide our clients with immediate certificate of insurance response and issuance

Contact: We meet regularly with our clients

  • Scheduled proactive strategy meetings/mock audits
  • Contract review
  • Policy review
  • Premium audit preparation and review
  • Stewardship reports
  • Risk reduction survey
  • Risk reduction plan
  • 12 month rolling action plan
  • Engaging performance team meetings
  • Claim service-unit stat review/open claims review
  • Actively involved with your management team and safety team
  • Quarterly file reviews
  • Premium finance capabilities
  • Project specific programs

Information: We negotiate comprehensive, competitive P&C programs.  We offer a best practice assessment of the company for better positioning in the marketplace to get the best coverage at the best price.

Advocacy: We work on your behalf

Personnel: We hire and maintain a professional, experienced staff

Loss Control: We identify loss drivers and offer creative solutions

Safety Education: We provide safety awareness communication materials

Client Connectivity: Client portal, risk management and resources