Human Resources

Human Resources As An Investment Instead Of An Expense

Our subsidiary, Risk Management Advisors (RMA), specializes in hiring and recruiting and human resource services.

The human resources (HR) department of an organization oversees various aspects of employment, including compliance with state and federal employment laws, administration of employee benefits and payroll, employee relations, employee retention, recruitment, training, orientation, and dismissal.

RMA can serve as your trusted strategic HR business partner. Since HR touches nearly every aspect relating to employees, managing these activities can be a very tactical process (e.g., creating an employee handbook, enacting a dress code policy, and establishing a process for hiring). However, RMA brings strategic ideas to the table by supporting your company’s leaders with succession planning strategies, organizational structure, performance management, leadership development and transforming cultural change. With our expertise, HR will no longer be a roadblock to doing business — our result-oriented approach will offer practical solutions to meet your organization’s goals and objectives in a way that will create the least risk.

Is your organization keeping up with all the relevant HR topics affecting employers? Not doing so can prove devastating down the road. Falling behind in areas like cultural norms, legislative changes, and industry trends can set your organization up for failure.

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